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Maximize Towing Power With the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

Towing Capacity

The 2019 Volkswagen Atlas ushers in a new era of capability for this globally renowned brand. With its muscular design, spacious interior and advanced technology features, the Atlas provides a fresh jolt of versatility to Volkswagen’s SUV lineup.

One area where the Atlas truly excels is towing. This rugged family hauler provides robust towing capabilities that allow owners to bring recreational vehicles, cargo trailers and more along for the ride.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 2019 VW Atlas towing capacity, trailer hookups and tips for safe towing. Let’s get started!

2019 Volkswagen Atlas Towing Capacity

The 2019 Atlas offers impressive towing capacities of up to 5,000 pounds when properly equipped. This robust tow rating provides owners with ample muscle for pulling small campers, boats, ATVs and more.

The Atlas achieves this level of towing prowess thanks to its powerful 280-horsepower 3.6-liter VR6 engine. This V6 provides immediate acceleration and ample torque for confident towing performance.

Models equipped with the 235-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine have a reduced tow rating of 2,000 pounds. While still suitable for lightweight utility trailers and cargo carriers, the four-cylinder limits your capabilities compared to the muscular V6.

As with any vehicle, proper preparation and driving habits are key to safe towing. Always verify your specific Atlas configuration’s tow rating capacity before hitching up a trailer. Exceeding your vehicle’s limits can lead to dangerous driving situations.

Hitching Up a Trailer

Hooking up a trailer is a breeze with the Atlas. Volkswagen offers a factory-installed tow hitch receiver that blends seamlessly into the Atlas’ rear bumper design.

This integrated hitch provides a 2-inch receiver tube capable of accepting Class III towing hitch balls or bike racks. A removable ball mount with a 2-inch rise comes standard. Wiring for the trailer’s lighting system connects through a standard 4-pin plug.

The Atlas tow package also includes a handy Trailer Sway Control system. This advanced tech applies individual wheel braking when it detects trailer sway, helping you maintain control.

Towing Features and Driver Aids

Towing a trailer or recreational vehicle places additional demands on your vehicle. The Atlas helps take the stress out of towing thanks to its robust construction and advanced driver aids.

Robust Chassis and Suspension

The Atlas strikes an ideal balance between passenger comfort and towing capability. Its fully independent suspension smooths out rough pavement, while a rigid chassis and wide track provide stability.

Models equipped with 4Motion all-wheel drive gain additional traction for slick boat ramps and muddy campsites. The AWD system also aids control during trailer sway events.

High-Tech Driver Aids

From its rearview camera to available blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, the Atlas provides visual and audible alerts that enhance towing safety.

Other available aids include:

  • Adaptive cruise control – Automatically maintains a set distance from other vehicles, reducing stress during highway trips.

  • Automatic post-collision braking – Applies the brakes after a collision to avoid a subsequent impact.

  • LED headlights and taillights – Illuminates the road and your trailer at night or in bad weather. Models with the tow package gain a high-mount brake light on the roof.

Tow/Haul Mode

Atlas models with 4Motion AWD gain a Tow/Haul mode. Activated via a button on the center console, this alters the transmission shift schedule to reduce gear hunting under acceleration. It also gears down more quickly when going downhill to avoid overtaxing the brakes.

Generous Room and Visibility

Even with seats folded flat, the Atlas provides over 96 cubic feet of cargo space. You’ll have ample room for gear while still carrying up to seven passengers.

The Atlas’ elevated ride height and narrow roof pillars provide excellent outward visibility compared to a crossover. These traits make maneuvering trailers and lining up with hitch receivers much easier.

High-Strength Body

The Atlas’ body uses advanced manufacturing techniques that increase structural rigidity without adding excessive weight. This robust construction handles towing duties with confidence.

Strategic crumple zones absorb crash energy, while the safety cage design protects occupants. This rigidity provides stable handling when towing in crosswinds or undulating terrain.

Powerful Brakes

Models equipped for max towing feature 13.2-inch ventilated front disc brakes for confident stopping power. The system provides repeated heavy braking without fade during long descents.

The Atlas also uses an electromechanical parking brake. This opens up valuable center console storage space while eliminating mechanical brake components that can wear over time.

Durable Suspension Components

Robust suspension components stand up to the rigors of towing. The front suspension uses lower wishbone arms and sturdy knuckles made from cast aluminum. Outer tie rod ends have extended dust covers for protection from road debris.

The independent rear suspension benefits from isolated subframes that minimize noise and vibration. Upper links use high-strength steel to maintain wheel alignment under load.

Safe Towing Tips

Towing a trailer or camper requires caution and practice. Here are some tips for safely operating the Atlas when towing:

  • Verify all trailer lighting functions and tire pressures before departing.

  • Adjust side mirrors to eliminate blind spots around the trailer’s width. Consider extending mirrors for larger loads.

  • Allow extra distance for braking when towing heavy loads.

  • Dry out wet brakes by gently applying them several times after launching a boat.

  • Use slower speeds and wider turns to avoid jackknifing in tight spaces.

  • Crosswind gusts have more impact on tall trailers. Reduce speed as needed.

  • Allow extra distance when changing lanes to accommodate slower acceleration.

  • Shift to a lower gear for extended uphill climbs at highway speeds.

  • Make gradual steering inputs to avoid trailer sway induced by sudden movements.

  • Regularly confirm cargo security and trailer hitch engagement during longer trips.

Customizing Your Atlas for Towing

Volkswagen offers several dealer-installed accessories that make Atlas towing adventures more enjoyable:

  • Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks – Frees up interior room while providing easy access to bicycles.

  • Roof Cargo Baskets – Increase gear capacity. Opt for a wind fairing to reduce air drag.

  • Underbody Guards – Helps protect components when traversing rough dirt roads to campsites.

  • All-Weather Floor Mats – Catches spills, snowmelt and debris from muddy boots.

  • Roof Rails – Provides a base for car-top cargo carriers.

  • Hitch Steps – Makes accessing items in the cargo area easier, especially when parked on rough terrain.

Genuine Volkswagen accessories undergo rigorous testing for seamless integration with your Atlas. Consult your dealer’s parts department for additional suggestions.

The Ideal Midsize Towing SUV

Thoughtful engineering touches like the factory tow package, driving aids and roomy interior make Atlas adventures more convenient and comfortable. With seating for up to seven passengers, the whole family can get in on the fun.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded midsize SUV that emphasizes safety, technology and power, be sure to take the Atlas for a test drive. It provides a compelling new option for active families, delivering luxury motoring and towing confidence when you need it.

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