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The Best Toyota SUVs for Towing – A Complete Towing Capacity Guide

Towing Capacity

Toyota is well known for building rugged and reliable SUVs that can handle tough towing jobs. With tow ratings ranging from 1,500 lbs to over 9,000 lbs, Toyota has an SUV to meet the needs of any driver. In this complete guide, we’ll explore the towing capabilities of every Toyota SUV and help you choose the right one for your needs.

Why Choose a Toyota SUV for Towing?

There are several reasons Toyota SUVs make excellent tow vehicles:

  • Powerful V6 and V8 engines – Toyota utilizes strong yet efficient V6 or available V8 engines in their SUV lineups to provide ample torque for accelerating and hauling heavy loads.

  • Advanced towing features – Toyota SUVs are equipped with tow/haul modes, integrated trailer brake controllers, transmission coolers, and more to make towing safe and easy.

  • Proven reliability – With their reputation for longevity, Toyota SUVs give owners confidence they can handle towing duties for years to come.

  • Off-road capability – Models like the 4Runner and Sequoia have available four-wheel drive systems to provide traction when towing over rough terrain.

  • Safety tech – Standard Toyota Safety Sense packages on SUVs provide advanced driver aids to make towing less stressful.

Toyota SUV Towing Capacity Comparison

Here is a complete rundown of every Toyota SUV and its maximum towing capacity when properly equipped:

Toyota SUV Model Max Towing Capacity
2024 Toyota Sequoia 9,520 lbs
2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 8,100 lbs
2024 Toyota 4Runner 5,000 lbs
2024 Toyota Highlander 5,000 lbs
2024 Toyota Grand Highlander 5,000 lbs
2024 Toyota RAV4 3,500 lbs
2024 Toyota Venza 2,000 lbs

As you can see, Toyota has SUVs that can handle everything from light duty towing to extremely heavy loads over 9,000 lbs. Next, we’ll take a closer look at each model and the factors that affect towing performance.

2024 Toyota Sequoia Towing Capacity

The mighty Toyota Sequoia full-size SUV boasts an incredible max tow rating of 9,520 lbs when equipped with the available iFORCE MAX engine and Max Towing Package.

Key towing features include:

  • Standard integrated trailer brake controller
  • Tow/haul mode
  • 7-pin connector and 4-pin/7-pin adapters
  • Massive 420 lb-ft of torque from the hybrid iFORCE MAX V6 engine
  • 10-speed automatic transmission with tow/haul mode
  • Optional rear load-leveling air suspension

With proper equipment, the 2024 Sequoia provides the power and control needed to confidently tow even the largest campers, boats, and enclosed trailers.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Towing Capacity

The legendary off-road Land Cruiser SUV offers a max towing capacity of 8,100 lbs.

Key towing features:

  • 381 hp V8 engine producing 401 lb-ft torque
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Integrated trailer brake controller
  • Multi-terrain Select system with crawl control
  • Tow/haul driving mode
  • Trailer sway control

With its rugged body-on-frame construction and advanced off-road systems, the Land Cruiser can haul heavy loads to places lesser SUVs can’t reach.

2024 Toyota 4Runner Towing Capacity

The midsize 4Runner SUV boasts a best-in-class 5,000 lb tow rating.

Key highlights:

  • 270 hp V6 engine with 278 lb-ft torque
  • Standard integrated trailer brake controller
  • Tow/haul driving mode
  • Optional Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System for greater stability
  • Optional rear load-leveling air suspension

The body-on-frame 4Runner combines power, control, and off-road prowess to handle demanding trailers and toys.

2024 Toyota Highlander Towing Capacity

The popular Highlander midsize crossover SUV can tow up to 5,000 lbs when properly equipped on V6 models.

Towing features:

  • 295 hp V6 engine
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Available torque-vectoring all-wheel drive
  • Tow/haul mode
  • Trailer sway control
  • Integrated backup camera and available 360 camera system for hitching

The Highlander provides excellent towing capacity for a vehicle of its size thanks to an optional stout V6 engine and advanced traction systems.

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Towing Capacity

Joining the Highlander lineup, the all-new 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander can tow up to 5,000 lbs like its smaller sibling.

Towing credentials include:

  • 265 hp (base) or 295 hp (hybrid) V6 engines
  • Up to 7 passenger seating
  • Optional Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD
  • Tow/haul driving mode
  • Integrated backup camera and surround view camera system

With three rows of seating and generous cargo space, the Grand Highlander can comfortably haul families and cargo.

2024 Toyota RAV4 Towing Capacity

Despite its compact footprint, the popular RAV4 crossover SUV can tow an impressive 3,500 lbs when properly equipped.

Key specs:

  • 203 hp turbocharged engine (Hybrid models cannot tow)
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Up to 8.6″ ground clearance
  • Trailer sway control
  • Tow/haul mode
  • Hill start assist and downhill assist control

While best suited for small trailers and watercraft, the RAV4 punch above its weight class with towing duties thanks to an available turbo engine and advanced all-wheel drive system.

2024 Toyota Venza Towing Capacity

The midsize two-row Venza crossover has a max tow rating of 2,000 lbs. Ideal for lightweight trailers and cargo carriers.

Towing features:

  • 215 hp hybrid powertrain
  • All-wheel drive standard
  • Advanced Predictive Efficient Drive system
  • Hands-free power liftgate
  • Backup camera with projected path display

While not intended for heavy trailers, the Venza provides reliable, efficient towing for small loads.

What Impacts Toyota SUV Towing Capacity?

There are several important factors that affect how much Toyota SUVs can tow:

  • Engine – More powerful V6 or V8 engines enable higher tow ratings than 4-cylinder engines. Models like the Sequoia and 4Runner offer optional Towing Prep Packages with enhanced cooling and powertrain calibration for max towing.

  • Drivetrain – Rear-wheel drive allows for higher towing capacity than standard front-wheel drive. Available AWD improves traction when towing over slick roads.

  • Axle ratio – Lower numerical axle ratios provide greater torque multiplication for accelerating and pulling heavy loads.

  • Tow packages – Adding an optional Towing Prep or Towing Upgrade package with engine oil coolers, transmission coolers, upgraded hitch receivers and wiring harnesses increases towing capabilities.

  • Brakes – Larger brakes provide improved stopping power under heavy loads. Integrated trailer brake controllers are also standard or available on Toyota SUVs.

  • Body style – In general, truck-based body-on-frame SUVs like the Sequoia and 4Runner offer greater towing performance than crossovers like the RAV4.

Proper vehicle maintenance and equipment matching between the SUV and trailer are also essential for safe towing. Consult your owner’s manual for additional towing information.

Toyota SUV Towing Features

To provide control and convenience when towing, Toyota SUVs offer advanced tow-specific features:

  • Integrated trailer brake controllers – Apply the trailer brakes independently for greater stopping power. Standard on most models.

  • Tow/haul driving modes – Modified transmission shift points and throttle response when towing heavy loads. Improves control on grades.

  • Trailer sway control – Uses braking and AWD torque vectoring to counteract dangerous trailer swaying motions if detected.

  • Rear load-leveling air suspension – Optional on Sequoia and 4Runner, helps maintain ride height when towing or hauling heavy gear.

  • ** surround view cameras** – Provide a top down view around the SUV to make hitching up trailers easier.

  • Trailer light check – Convenient automatic sequence tests trailer light connections.

  • 7-pin and 4-pin wiring harnesses – Provide needed connections for trailer lights and electric brakes.

  • Hill start assist – Prevents rollback when starting on an incline.

  • Downhill assist control – Automatically maintains low vehicle speed when descending hills for greater control.

Matching Your Toyota SUV to the Right Trailer

Choosing the right Toyota SUV for your intended trailer is critical.

Toyota Tow Capacity – Tacoma Tundra Land Cruiser Sequoia Highlander 4Runner Sienna

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