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Ford Bronco Badlands Towing Capacity – What You Need To Know

Towing Capacity

The rugged Ford Bronco Badlands trim offers serious off-road capability. But many adventurers also need to tow boats, ATVs, or campers to remote trails and destinations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the Bronco Badlands’ towing stats, equipment, and tips to make the most of its hauling abilities.

Bronco Badlands Towing Capacity Overview

When properly equipped, the maximum towing capacity for the 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands is:

3,500 pounds

This rating applies to Badlands models equipped with the optional 2.7L EcoBoost engine and 4K Tow Package. Lower trim Broncos with the standard 2.3L engine have reduced tow ratings. Let’s look at the differences:

Bronco Trim Engine Max Towing Capacity
Badlands (base) 2.3L EcoBoost 3,340 lbs
Badlands (w/ Tow Package) 2.7L EcoBoost 3,500 lbs

While best suited for small to midsize trailers, the Bronco Badlands provides enough capability for light towing duties to accompany off-road adventures when properly equipped.

What Impacts Ford Bronco Badlands Towing Ability?

There are several important factors that affect how much weight the Bronco Badlands can safely tow:

Engine Size

  • The optional 2.7L twin-turbo V6 produces 310 horsepower and 400 lb-ft torque, giving it more muscle for towing compared to the 300 hp/325 lb-ft 2.3L base engine.


  • All Broncos use a 10-speed automatic optimized for torque multiplication when towing. No manual gearbox is offered.

Axle Ratio

  • Badlands models come standard with a 4.70:1 final drive ratio. The Tow Package upgrades this to a deeper 4.27:1 ratio to provide more torque at the wheels.

Towing Equipment

  • Opting for the 4K Tow Package adds an upgraded radiator, auxiliary transmission cooler, and heavier-duty trailer hitch to boost towing performance and durability.

  • Properly matching the trailer with weight distributing hitch increases tow ratings.


  • Longer wheelbase four-door models can tow a bit more than short two-door Broncos. The Badlands is only available in four-door form.

Adhering to Ford’s towing capacity guidelines for your Bronco’s configuration is critical. Now let’s look at key towing features.

Ford Bronco Badlands Towing Features and Tech

To provide strong towing performance on and off road, the Bronco Badlands includes an array of advanced towing aids:

  • Class II standard hitch – Frame-mounted 1.5″ receiver hitch handles up to 3,500 lbs. 4K Tow Package upgrades to Class III/IV 2″ hitch.

  • 7-pin wiring harness – Provides hookups for trailer lights and electric brakes.

  • Trailer sway control – Uses vehicle braking to counteract dangerous trailer swaying motions.

  • Tow/haul mode – Alters transmission shift points and throttle response when towing. Improved control.

  • 360-degree camera system – Provides a top-down view of the Bronco to aid hitching and maneuvering with a trailer attached.

  • Trail Control – Maintains a set low vehicle speed when descending steep off-road trails. Safer when towing downhill.

  • Trail Turn Assist – Uses torque vectoring to tighten turn radius low speeds. Helps navigating tight spaces with a trailer.

  • GOAT driving modes – Rock crawl and sand modes optimize traction and control when towing off-road.

Properly equipped, the Bronco Badlands has the muscle, gearing, and tech to confidently tow smaller trailers over rugged terrain other vehicles can’t handle thanks to robust four-wheel drive capabilities.

What Can a Bronco Badlands Tow?

With a 3,500 lb max tow rating, here are some examples of trailers and toys the Bronco Badlands can handle:

  • Small enclosed cargo trailers
  • 16-18 ft aluminum fishing boats
  • Single-axle pop-up campers
  • Lightweight A-frame RV trailers
  • Small utility trailers
  • Jet skis on a trailer
  • ATVs or UTVs on a trailer
  • 5×8 enclosed cargo trailer
  • 5×10 flatbed trailer

For larger loads, the Bronco’s towing capacity can be stretched with some careful matching. The key is staying within ratings and allowing margin for off-road use.

Matching the Right Trailer to Your Bronco

Carefully pairing your Bronco Badlands to the appropriate trailer is key for safe, stable handling. Consider these guidelines:

  • Verify your exact max tow rating based on options and configs. Consider weight of gear and passengers which reduces capacity.

  • Choose a trailer with empty or “dry” weight at least 15-20% below your max tow rating. Allow margin for passengers and gear.

  • Utilize weight distributing hitches rated for your target trailer weight to improve handling.

  • Match trailer tongue weight to 10-15% of total loaded weight, up to hitch rating.

  • Equip trailer with a brake controller proportional to its weight. Electric or surge style.

  • Consider trailer sway control devices and extended mirrors for easier backing up.

  • Balance trailer weight evenly left to right and confirm net weight does not exceed any axle ratings.

Carefully matching your equipment is just as important as vehicle capability when selecting a trailer. Always consult Ford for specific guidelines.

Ford Bronco Badlands Towing Tips and Maintenance

Follow these tips and best practices when towing with your Bronco Badlands:

  • Retorque hitch fasteners after first use and check ball mount and pin for tightness before each trip.

  • Inspect trailer tire condition and pressure before towing. Check wheel bearings and brakes.

  • Verify all trailer lights, turn signals, and electric brakes function properly.

  • Secure all cargo and gear inside the trailer to prevent shifting.

  • Load trailer evenly left to right. Tongue weight should be 10-15% of total weight.

  • Use lower gears when towing off-road. The turbo engines have plenty of low RPM torque.

  • Monitor engine and transmission temperatures closely when towing in high ambient heat.

  • Install transmission and power steering coolers if towing frequently in hot weather.

  • Follow Ford’s break-in procedure with a new vehicle before towing at max capacity.

  • Stick to the paved road until you get more towing experience.

Regular towing puts more strain on your Bronco’s drivetrain. Follow Ford’s maintenance schedule and watch for signs of premature wear.

Modifying Your Bronco for Increased Towing

While some vehicles can safely handle moderate towing capacity increases with certain modifications, this is not recommended on the new Ford Bronco. Its sophisticated powertrain is engineered precisely to match its configurations and tow ratings from the factory. Modifications like turbochargers, computer tunes, or even frame strengthening could potentially introduce dangerous stress points when towing at the vehicle’s limits. It’s best to avoid exceeding your Bronco’s factory tow ratings, regardless of modifications. Work within the engineered capabilities and limitations of your specific configuration.

Experience Bronco Badlands Towing at Your Ford Dealer

If you need a rugged SUV with light towing capabilities along with epic off-road performance, the Bronco Badlands can fit the bill when equipped properly. Experience its optimal blend of power, traction, control, and toughness firsthand by visiting your local Ford dealer for a test drive. They can answer any questions about maximizing the Bronco’s towing potential while staying within safe limits. Just be sure to get the right options and equipment to match your needs.

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